14th Festival

Here we are, at the fourteenth edition of our festival of theatre in English. Every year this event attracts a large audience and this delights us because our aim is to spread the English language and culture, having great fun and entertaining you. To stage these works is often challenging, but we know that in the end our efforts will always be rewarded by our warm audience who urge us to give our best and improve from year to year. So thanks to everyone at the premiére of our shows in May. We would like to welcome you again, along with those who were not able to come, to the repeats in October and November:

Original comedy by Adrian James. It is said "poisonous relatives" and Lord Pugh family is no exception; at his death his relatives are fighting to grab the lion's share of the substantial assets. But things are not always as they seem ...


Beatrice Davoli - Scarlet Lane

Daniela Di Bernardo - Amanda Pugh

Eugenia Ferrari - Ambrosia Pugh

Alessandro Franchini - Dr. Walter Proctor

Carla Ingrassia - Officer Doyle

Adrian James - Mr. Black

Cesare Lancellotti - Winston Pugh

Maria Grazia Malpassi - Lady Penelope Pugh

Luca Michelini - Lord Mortimer Pugh

Paola Osele - Agnes McEwan

Lucrezia Parisi - Inspector Bluh

Nicola Picheo - William Mann

Caterina Sacchetti - Eleanor Pugh

Margherita Sacchetti - Cassandra Nightingale

Chiara Tagliati - Lisa Delaney

Written and directed by Adrian James

Year 2084: the music, poetry and even the real names are banned. The world is governed by the multinational "GlobalEyes". But a group of rebels fight the tyrannical and ambiguous Killer Queen to win back the true poetry of life. Dynamic and fun, topped off by music from "The Queen", is also a satirical criticism of modern life.


Natalia Bakalova - Hawk

Giulia Calandra - Shakira

Luisa Calandra - Marilyn

Andrea Galeotto - Brit

Francesca Gancia - Scaramouche

Laura Lugli - Celine

Paolo Manfredini - Galileo

Graziella Michelini - Barbra

Mara Michelini - Bob

Gianluca Montorsi - Pelvis

Marco Radicia - Khash

Simonetta Romano - Pop

Matteo Scarabelli - Killer Queen

Adapted and directed by Jane Elizabeth Read

A remake of the "Wonderful Wizard of Oz" which is inspired by the famous 1939 movie and is enriched with twists, humorous inserts, music and fun dance songs; readable tale at different levels full of charm and music fantasy suitable for all ages.


Fiorenza Boni - Aunty, Winky

Jessica Bruini - The Cowardly Lion

Rosy Ferrara - Pearl, Servant

Francesca Gancia - Munchkin, Winky

Monica Luppi - Aunty, Gazza the Guard

Valentina Moretti - Tin Girl

Francesco Morselli - The Wizard

Elisa Rasio - The Scarecrow

Anita Scaglioni - Munchkin, Dorothy

Francesca Scirano - Flying Monkey, Glinda

Barbara Storti - Flying Monkey, Glinda

Elisa Testoni - Flying Monkey, Glinda

Francesca Venturelli - Flying Monkey, Glinda

Adapted and directed by Jane Elizabeth Read

Other shows 2016: more details coming soon on this page.

May 14th 21.00 - MTW: Grease is the word - Teatro dei Segni
May 20th 21.00 - MTW Teens: THE BIG BAD WOLF SHOW - Teatro dei Segni
May 24th 21.00 - L.S. Wiligelmo: THE BIG BAD WOLF SHOW - Teatro Michelangelo
May 27th 21.00 - MTW: TIVOLI - Teatro dei Segni
May 30th 21.00 - Liceo Muratori: THE BIG BAD WOLF SHOW - Teatro Cittadella
May 31st 21.00 - Liceo Muratori: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - Teatro Cittadella
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